Video Email Marketing

When creating a new message using one of the templates added to your account, by clickng Use a template, you will have access to an image library connected to Flickr, but also a couple of additional features such as Widgets.

The Video widget is used when you want to show a clip within the email. Before you create your newsletter, you need to publish the video on YouTube.


  1. Go to the Create/Send and click Create New.
  2. Select Use a Template and select a template you want to use. Click Continue to start.
  3. Go to the tab Widgets on the left.
  4. Drag and drop the video widget to the desired area of the template.
  5. You can placed the video widget anywhere it says Drop here.
  6. Hover your mouse over the video function and click on it to add your information.
  7. Paste the URL from YouTube in the top box.
  8. Enable Video Sharing: if you want to allow your subscribers to share the video.
  9. Enable Call to Action: If you want to add a text over the video, such as an call to action to visit your website.
  10. Enable Signup Form: if want to add a form for the subscriber to fill in, such as an registration.
  11. Click Update when you are finished with the settings.

There are also statistics related to the widget to use for follow-ups.