Send your email

1. Click Continue when you’re ready to send your e-mail.

You find this button at the bottom of the page of the e-mail.


2. Create the plain text version of the message.

This is important because some recipients can’t receive HTML messages.

Click Continue when you’re done.


3. Save your e-mail.

Once you get to this screen, you’re done creating the message.
Now you can save the message, send it or schedule it to be sent later.

Click Send E-mail to set up a blast.


4. Set up the From-section.

Type in a From name and what e-mail address your e-mail will be sent from.

If you haven’t added your postal address in the actual message, a footer will be added underneath your e-mail when it’s sent. We recommend you to add the address in the message yourself instead. However you still need to fill in the address while setting up the blast. Please note that you type in your address EXACTLY as you have in your message, especially look out for empty spaces! Postal code 123 45 in your message will not correspond if you type 12345 while setting up your blast, and you’ll end up with an extra footer looking like this:

If you want your subscribers to reply to a different e-mail address, check the box for Reply-to and add the address.

Click Continue when you’re done.


5. Select which subscribers to send to.

You can select one or more lists, apply a filter or exclude a list.

Click Continue to carry on.


6. Add a subject to your e-mail.

You can also customize the e-mail subject to each subscriber by selecting one or more mail merge values here.

Click Continue when you’re done.


7. Send yourself a test e-mail.

We strongly recommend you to send yourself a test e-mail to control that everything looks OK, before sending it out to everyone else. The e-mail might look a bit different when you compare it in different browsers and e-mail clients.

Click Send a Test and fill in up to five different e-mail addresses in the box. Separate them with a comma. Click Send Test.


8. Send the e-mail now or schedule it.

Now you can either send your e-mail right away by clicking Send Now or set a date and time to schedule it for later and then click Schedule.