Subscribers FAQ

What file format can I use to upload my list of subscribers?

The file needs to be in .txt (text) or .csv (comma separated) format (mylist.txt or mylist.csv).
During the upload process please select tab as the separating character if uploading a .txt file or comma if uploading a .csv file.

What happens to duplicate email addresses during the upload process?

Duplicate addresses will not be uploaded. Our system will automatically search for and ignore any duplicate email addresses in your file during the upload process.  The import statistics will show you how many duplicate addresses were in your file, if any.

Email address has already been taken - error message while adding a new subscriber to a list

The reason you are receiving this error is because the email address you are trying to add is already in the system. If you want to add an existing subscriber to a new list please do the following:
1. Click on the subscribers tab
2. Search for the email address using the search box
3. When the email address is found, click edit on the right side.
4. On the right side, select the checkbox for the list or lists that you would like to add this email address to.
5. Click Save Changes on the bottom left.

The number of subscribers in my database doesn't match the number of subscribers for a blast

The number shown within your Subscribers database includes all subscribers – Active, Inactive, Pending, and Unsubscribed.  However, when an email is sent the system will only send to subscribers with an Active status.

What does Merge matched records feature do? When should I select it?

This feature is used when the file you are uploading has information for subscribers that already exist within your database. The Merge matched records option is asking what to do when an existing email address is detected during a bulk upload. Selecting this box will cause the duplicate entries to be overwritten with the values in the file you are uploading.

How can subscribers update their profile? update their email address?

Subscribers can update their profile by utilizing the Update profile /Unsubscribe form. There’s a link to this form in every email sent from mailRelate.
NOTE! that your subscribers will not be able to update their email address via the Update profile /Unsubscribe form. If they wish to change their email address they need to unsubscribe and then re-subscribe using a new address.

Can subscribers be members of multiple lists?

Yes. During a bulk upload you can specify which list or lists you want to upload your subscribers to. You can also search for an individual subscriber and update his or her list membership manually.

If a subscriber is a member of multiple lists will it appear multiple times within my database?

No. Duplicate email addresses are not allowed in your mailRelate database.

Can I manually unsubscribe an individual subscriber?

Yes, you can.
1. Go to Subscribers.
2. Search the email address in the search box.
3. Click Edit to the right of the address you found.
4. To the right of the Opt-Status, select Unsubscribed.

Can I delete subscribers from my database?

No. Once subscribers are uploaded to your mailRelate account they can’t be deleted. This is to prevent the possibility of deleting an unsubscribed email address and then re-importing it as an active one again. Read more in our anti-spam policy on this.

Can I search for a subscriber using something else than the email address?

No, not currently. However, you can use the Download/Export option to export your subscribers and then open the list in Excel and perform a search.

Will I get an email notification when a new subscriber signs up?

mailRelate doesn’t provided an email notification when subscribers signs up or edit their profile. Within the Subscribers tab you will see the total number of subscribers in your database starting with the most recently added.

Will newly added subscribers receive the email that I scheduled a few days ago?

If I schedule a blast today, to be sent in 3 days, and add a new e-mail address tomorrow. Will the new email address receive the email?

Yes they will. However, the count that shows for the expected blast is an estimate based on what is active at the time of scheduling the blast. Since people may sign up or unsubscribe to the list while the email is scheduled, our system will re-poll the database at the time of sending. It will then accurately determine who is on the list and who is active so that it will send to all of them.