How to get more subscribers

There are several ways you can use mailRelate to increase your Subscriber Database.

  • Link to your sign-up form on your website
    Ensure there’s a link to your sign-up form on your website.
    The registration process will be handled automatically when someone signs up through your form in mailRelate.
  • Put a Share With Friends link in every message you send
    Our Share With Friends form allows your subscribers to place your email on social networks, forward it to friends, or get a link to place into chat sessions.
  • Offer some sort of incentive to help bring in new subscribers
    It’s more tempting to sign up for a newsleter if you have a chance to get something for free at the same time. Hold a competition or give new members a 10% discount code or something similar.
  • Link to your sign-up form in your newsletter
    Ask your subscribers to forward the message on to friends and family that may be interested and also include a link to the sign up form or link to your website where they can sign up if interested in receiving future emails. Some of the best customers come through referrals.

The more your content is spread, the more followers you can get.