Updating the From address for Sign Up Form Messages

When a subscriber signs up using one of the sign up forms provided by StreamSend, they will receive one or more of the following automated emails.

  • Thank You (Double Opt-In)
    Subscribers receive this upon sign up and must click an activation link to double opt-in.
  • Welcome (Opt-In Confirmation)
    Notifies subscribers that they have successfully signed up and will receive emails.
  • Activation Reminder
    Used when reminding subscribers who have not completed the double opt-in process.

By default, the From email address for these messages is the original email address used when your account was created. To change it:

  1. Click on the Forms tab.
  2. Locate your Sign Up form and click on the Email Messages link.
  3. Click on edit to the right of your current From email address.
  4. Enter a new email address in between the angle brackets (“WebbPlatsen i Sverige AB” <utskick@webbplatsen.se>) and click Save changes.