My email went to my junk folder, why?

There are several factors that may direct your email to your junk folder instead of directly into your inbox. Check the following to improve deliverability:


  • Avoid the overuse of ‘SPAM’ words (Free!, gambling related terms, too many exclamation points, ALL CAPS)
  • Make sure your Text version matches your HTML version.


  • A maximum of 40% image coverage. We recommend having several, smaller images with clear, descriptive alternate texts. This will help by:
    • Preventing the email to be flagged as spam
    • Encouraging people to display images (yielding you more accurate reports)
    • Help loading time of emails
  • A minimum 60% text coverage
  • Not all images touching
  • At least 400 characters of text As per anti-spam law, all emails must contain some form of text (even if it a simple “hello”).

Make sure you are recognized as a legitimate sender

  • Follow best practices and use a double opt-in process. Test your form sing up process by signing yourself up for the newsletter and see where it lands.
  • Make sure your recipients add you to their whitelist or address book.
  • Make sure your recipients click on ‘always display images from this sender’ – which will let the email service know that you are a trusted sender.
  • Use your own domain
  • Validate your email address