How do I reconfirm a list?

Reconfirming your list will help you make sure that your list is clean and all recipients have given you consent to send them emails.

If you create a double opt-in list and upload the contact list yourself, there are two options to re-confirm their subscription:

Method 1

2-step double opt-in:

  • Create a double opt-in list and add a subscription form for this list to your website
  • Upload the list of your existing contacts and create a campaign asking them to confirm that they would like to receive emails from you in the future by clicking the link that takes them to the form you just put on your website.
  • After your campaign is complete, only those who completed your new subscription form will remain on the list, your old list should be discarded.

Method 2

1-step opt-in:

  • Create a “Thank you” landing page on your website
  • Upload the list of your existing contacts and create a campaign with a link asking people to click if they want to sign up, which sends them to the landing page you just created
  • After mailing is complete, you can take all the clicks and upload them to a new list, discarding the old list.

This method should be used on a regular basis (every three to six months), especially with people who haven’t clicked or opened emails in some time.

This process will improve delivery by decreasing complaints, removing invalid addresses, and increase the overall engagement for your list.


Your emails should always contain your logo (ideally, on the top left corner), your physical address and an unsubscribe link.

If you have your logo in the top left corner of your email, the alt text on your logo will be the preheader text, which shows in the preview of the email for many email clients. Otherwise, the preheader text will be the first sentence of your campaign.

Subject: Please confirm to stay on the list

Preheader: We don’t want to send you emails you don’t want! Please confirm that you wish to receive our newsletter by clicking on the link below.


Hi [FirstName,there],

This is a quick email from the folks at ___company x___.

At one point, you signed up for our service and opted-in to receive our email newsletter. But lately we’ve been so busy that we haven’t been sending out any newsletters at all. We’ve got lots of exciting news coming up and are going to start sending out our `___company x___` email news at the beginning of every month to tell you all about our news, updates, and other goodies.

If you’re still interested in hearing from us, just click on the link below to add yourself to our list again. If you’re not interested in hearing from us again, simply click on unsubscribe below, or do nothing, and we’ll remove you from our list.


Your Name

___company x___