How do I customize a form?

Our system allows you to integrate subscribe and unsubscribe forms for a specific contact list directly into your website. While we provide a very basic form, you can further customize it by adding radio buttons, checkboxes, and dropdown menus.

The most important rule to abide by is to have the “input name” be the exact same as the field you have created in your list. This will allow your personalized field to be filled out by whatever value you wish to be added.

Radio Buttons

<input type=”radio” />
defines a radio button. Radio buttons let a user select only one of a limited number of choices. For example:

<input type=”radio” name=”Gender” value=”male” /> Male <br />
<input type=”radio” name=”Gender” value=”female” /> Female

This will allow the subscriber to select from the values Male or Female – which will automatically populate the field in your list.

It will look like this in your form:


<input type=”checkbox” /> defines a checkbox. Checkboxes let a user select one or more options of a limited number of choices. Fields can only take in one data value, so limit this to yes/no answers.

<form> Do you like sports? <input type=”checkbox” name=”sport” value=”Yes” /> Yes <br /> </form>

This will allow you to fill in all appropriate fields in your list with the values you are offering. All fields not selected will appear with the value N/A.

It will look like this in your form:

Dropdown Menus


tag is used to create a drop-down list. In this case, we are using select name to define which field the data will populate.

Select one of the following
<select name=”car” >

It will look like this in your form:

Using the example codes above, here is a full form in action

<form method=’get’ accept-charset=’UTF-8′ name=’oi_form’ action=’′>
Email <br /> <input type=’text’ name=’email’/><br />
Name <br /> <input type=’text’ name=’first_name’/><br />
Last <br /> <input type=’text’ name=’last_name’/><br /><br />
Gender <input type=”radio” name=”Gender” value=”Male” /> Male
<input type=”radio” name=”Gender” value=”Female” /> Female <br /><br />
Do you like sports? <br />
<input type=”checkbox” name=”Sport” value=”Yes” /> Yes <br />
Vehicle: <select name=”Vehicle” >
<input type=’hidden’ name=’goto’ value=” />
<input type=’hidden’ name=’iehack’ value=’☠’ />
<input type=’submit’ value=’Subscribe’ />

The form will look like this


And the subscriber information will show up in your WebbPlatsen account

Subscribers information