How do I add personalized fields to my campaign?

Certain defauld fields are created automatically with all lists, and cannot be edited or deleted, such as:

  • Contact ID
  • Email address
  • Subscription Date

Add a custom field to your contact list

  • Access the list you want to use
  • Click on Manage List Structure on the left-hand menu. You will see default fields already available (Contact ID, Email, Sign Up Date) which are created automatically by taking the information entered when a you signed up for your account. These cannot be removed or edited, as they are used by the system to track subscriber information.
  • To create a new field, click on Add A New Field
  • Custom fields cannot have punctuation marks, special characters or spaces.
  • Depending on the field type, you will be able to name and select a field type:
    • Text
       – Names and other text info (Field name and Content of the field cannot exceed 255 characters, including spaces)
    • Number
      – Phone numbers, age, etc.
    • Date
      – Birthday, anniversary, etc.

Using a custom field in a campaign

Once your custom field is created, it can be used as personalized content in your campaign. This can be included in either the subject line or the content.

To add personalized fields to your campaign, you can either type them manually or use the drop-down menu in the editor.

Remember: If you are adding the tag manually, keep in mind that the tag needs to match the field name exactly.

“Hi [FirstName] Here is your weekly update!”

would become:

“Hi John, Here is your weekly update!”

You can also use the [email] tag, which will take the recipient’s email address and insert it into the campaign:

“This email was sent to [email], as requested.”

would become:

“This email was sent to, as requested.”

Note: Make sure that your fields contain data otherwise the tag itself will show. * Test in preview (The 20 first contacts of your list will be shown) * Test by sending an email to yourself

You can also use fallback fields if no data is currently available.

For advanced users

You can also work with our default merge tags, available through the Item drop down menu in the editor.