How to read your Delivery Report

Your Delivery report can be accessed by clicking on the Delivery Report tab located next to the Summary below the send details and is available 24 hours after the email has been sent.  The report includes a list of domains sent to, if there are any blocks or filters for each domain, and how to resolve a block or filter.

The delivery report is a great tool if you have a higher than normal soft bounce number. This article will cover the following:

  • Totals breakdown – Total number of emails sent and the number bounced
  • Bounce reports – Main reasons emails bounced
  • Domains with highest number of bounces – Domains with the highest number of bounced emails
  • Specific Domain Bounce Back Details – Detailed list of reasons/solutions of the bounces

Totals breakdown

According to the data below a total of 12,557 emails were sent, 11,729 were delivered and 828 were bounced back.


Bounce reports

Below you are looking at the bounce reasons broken down by bounce description. The first row shows 189 of the 828 or 22.8% of the bounces were bounced with a no answer from host message.


Domains with highest number of bounces

The data below orders the domains by the highest number of bounces.  You will notice that out of the 447 aol subscribers sent to that 29 were bounced back.


Specific Domain Bounce Back Details

Scanning down the delivery report a bit you will see each domain broken down individually. Below I have the record for the aol bounces. You will notice that all 29 of the bounces came back with the same reason, that users have never logged into their accounts on