Welcome to your new email marketing account!

Businesses of all sizes benefit from our email marketing services for sending, tracking and creating email marketing campaigns in addition to delivering the most essential emails efficiently. For optimal results, we recommend starting with:

1. Building your contact list – Importing contacts

You can import your existing list or create one from scratch with our forms for websites and social media pages.

2. Personalizing it – Creating and adding a subscription form to your website

Your form should be targeted for maximum impact.

3. Putting your stamp on it – Creating your confirmation and welcome email

Let your personality shine through in your confirmation and welcome email.

4. Optimizing your deliverability – Authenticating your sender domain

Your deliverability is optimized when your sender domain is authenticated.

5. Preparing your first email – Creating your campaign

Setting up your campaign, the way it looks and what you want it to say.

6. Before you send: checklist of things to verify – Testing your campaign

Before you send your email to your customers, make sure it’s error-free.

7. Tracking your success – Tracking campaign performance

See what the graphs on the dashboard mean.

8. Your next email – Generating engagement

You’ve wowed your subscribers once – do it again with great content.

Glossary of Terms

List of key concepts about email marketing in general, and CakeMail specifically.