Do you mind?

Can you imagine what it would be like if someone sent you an email about something that no longer interests you? Or worse, something you never signed up for?

You might ask nicely to be removed the first time. By email, if there was no unsubscribe link.

You might mark the emails as spam after the second, or if you’re generous, the third time.

If it continues, you probably won’t even bother opening the email.

But if it happens too often, you might get seriously angry. And you might retaliate by dealing with that company as little as possible.

And as a sender, you don’t want that to happen to you.

So before you start writing the copy for your first email, ask them for their permission to send them emails and newsletters. If you do, you won’t be spamming them:

You’re providing them a service they asked for.

Permission isn’t hard to get. Make sure you have a signup form on your website or provide a link on your social media pages. You can even ask people to send you an email with a subject that says : “Sign me up.”

You can also make the most out of natural wait times, like when people pay at the counter. Have a paper form or an iPad where people can sign up quickly. Send them a confirmation email, and you’re set!