A Beautiful Image

Sending an email with only one big, beautiful, image is like sending a love letter in a spreadsheet – it’s just not appropriate.

An email is not a magazine page.

But a picture is worth a 1000 words… isn’t it?

Here is the impression you will make with anyone who uses an email client that disables images by default:

If you’re lucky enough to reach the inbox, that is: a big image with no text is a spammer favourite. If a big image is all you send, you might be flagged as such, causing ISPs to block you or having your email fall in the junk folder of your subscriber.

What’s to be done

You have precious few seconds to make an impression. You’re lucky enough for people to have opened the email, make sure your contacts get something worth opening:

  • Use a 60-40 text to image ratio. Always have text, and it should be more than the Unsubscribe link. Your email should be interesting even without any images.
  • Your images should be no larger than 600 px.
  • Your images should be clickable.
  • Not all your images should be touching.
  • Use clear “Alt” tags. Nothing is worse than a big blank square… except a big blank square with a tiny “Picture 1” alternate text. Give a hint as to what people are missing out on, and encourage them on the top of the email to display images to have a better experience.
  • Add text links. This will give subscribers who have not displayed the images a resource for information and may generate interest for your email.

What’s an “opened email” anyways?

Opens are calculated based on images displayed and links clicked.

By having people display the images or click on the links, you’ll have a better idea of the real impact your campaigns have.