How do I add an RSS feed to my campaign?

With mailRelate it’s easy to send automatic blog updates to a subscriber list via email. Even better, you can use Recurring Campaigns to automatically send updates to your subscribers every so often.

A Recurring Email Campaign is one that you can send over and over and happens automatically based on criteria or timelines that you set. Often email marketers or organizations will use these to send reminders and special offers, or in this case, you can use recurring emails to send links to new blog posts to your subscribers.

To include RSS updates in your email, you’ll want to design and layout your content as usual, but add in a special tag that lets you include RSS information. Do to this, you’ll want to go into the HTML source view for your campaign to make these additions.

Here is how you define the block of content that will include your RSS/blog post info:

[RSS={your url}]


Everything between the “…” can be formatted and displayed just like regular content, but relies on merge fields to know what content to display. The merge tag looks like this:

[RSS-{your post index}-{your post field}]

Note that the post index 0 refers to the latest post, 1 to the second latest and so on.

Here is an example using the blog feed with advanced RSS:

<strong>Check out the latest 3 posts from our blog</strong><br />
<br />
<strong><a href=”[RSS-0-link]”>[RSS-0-title]</a></strong><br />
[RSS-0-description]<br />
<br />
<strong><a href=”[RSS-1-link]”>[RSS-1-title]</a></strong><br />
[RSS-1-description]<br />
<br />
<strong><a href=”[RSS-2-link]”>[RSS-2-title]</a></strong><br />

You can also insert RSS feeds by using the following tag:


In addition to what we mentioned above, there is a whole host of other RSS fields and attributes you can call upon. You’ll find them here.

Once your content is complete, you can proceed with scheduling your recurring campaign. You can schedule the days, times it will be repeated, as well as the date you want your campaign to begin. You will also be able to select when it ends: Never, On (a specific date), or No more than (how many days the campaign will run for.)