How do I change my list’s opt-in options?

You may change the opt-in options for your list at any time.

All lists are created as double opt-in by default. That means an email is automatically sent to the subscriber, asking him to confirm that he wants to subscribe to the list.

It helps to:

  • Confirm the email is good before sending any email
  • Avoid someone to subscribe under another email address
  • Comfort people on their desire to subscribe

The best contact list is one filled with recipients who’ve explicitly requested that you send them something, but there are many kinds of mailing lists used in the industry, classified according to how reliably the recipients have indicated their willingness to be contacted. Therefore, we advise that you keep the default option (double opt-in).

To change opt-in options:

Access your list under the Contact List tab and click on Manage Emails on the left hand menu.

Locate the option called Subscription Confirmation Email. If this email is Active it means your list is currently double opt-in. If it is deactivated it means you have a single-opt in list.