How do I track my campaign?

Your account allows you to keep track of HTML and plain text clicks (who clicked on what and how many times, opens, bounces, and spam complaints.

Bounces and spam complaints are monitored by default.

Tracking of clicks and opens is enabled by default when your campaign is created, but you do have the option to turn it on and off with a single click.

To disable tracking:

In the campaign creation process under Campaign Details, you will find an area at the bottom of the page labeled Advanced Options. Here you will have the option to disable HTML clicks, Plain Text clicks, and opens.

You can also track your campaign with a Custom Tracking Tool or with Google Analytics. If you wish to track with Google Analytics, simply select it from the drop-down. (If it is not available, contact support). UTM parameters to every link in the campaign are added, allowing you to track clicks on your site that originate from your campaign.