mailRelate pricing

All features included All features included All features included All features included
1 custom template included 4 custom templates included We create and send all e-mails
500 e-mails/mth 2000 e-mails/mth 5000 e-mails/mth 5000 e-mails/mth
550 kr/mth 950 kr/mth 1295 kr/mth 2250 kr/mth
Start up fee will be added when signing up for Starter: 995 kr, Standard: 1895 kr, Pro/Premium: 4995 kr.
All prices are specified in SEK (“Swedish Krona”) excluding 25% Swedish VAT (“moms”).
European Union customers outside Sweden with a valid EU VAT-ID and customers outside the EU are not subject to VAT.
See also One-off increase in mailRelate message volumes

Extra volume 1000 e-mails extra per month

295 kr/month

Extra volume 5000 e-mails extra per month

Requires Pro or Premium service offering, the extra message volume is in addition to the e-mail messages included in the Pro and Premium packages.

1000 kr/month

Help with your newsletter

Minor newsletter

We add text and image / images in a newsletter from the customer and then send it.

495 kr/month

Major newsletter

Same as above but with text- and image adjustments

895 kr/month